encouraged him to er

more grain and have a little pocket money," Xi said.Xi led the ▓villagers in digging wells, building terraces and sediment storage dams,

adicate it in China for go

and setting up the province's first methane-generating pit.He also invited the village's three blacksmiths, who had been working el▓sewhe

od.In ▓Liangjiahe

re, to come back to set up an iron cooperative."Forgin▓g the iron could generate some income. Only by making some ▓money could we get things

  • i worked for seven yea

    the Yan'an region from Beijing, Xi was the first to work as a Party branch secretary at that time. He was awarded a three-wheeled▓ motorcycle by the Beijing municipal government."The motor▓cycle was useless in the village. It was even impossible to drive it into

  • the village. Better t

  • rs from 1969, he was ins

    o exchange it for something practical," Xi recalled.He then went to the agricultural bureau of Yan'an and exchanged th▓e motorcycle for a hand tractor, a flour milling machine, ▓a grain thrower, a rice milling machine and a submersible pump, for villagers.RURA


  • pired by▓ the success o

    eform took an early root in Xi's thinking about governance.From 1982 to 1985, ▓Xi served first as deputy secretary and then secretary of the CPC Zheng▓ding County Committee in Hebei."The household ▓contract responsibility system had not been put i▓nto place when

  • I arrived," Xi said.A

  • f Dazhai, a model villag

    t the core of C▓hina's last round of rural reform, the household responsibility system meant far▓mers could be allocated land by contract and wer▓e entitled to any surpluses to the market or retain them for their own use.In 1983, the secreta▓ry of Lishuangdian C

  • ommune proposed to p

chnology ?/h3>

ilot the system on a piece of land 

e in▓ neighbori

in his jurisdicti

ng Shanxi Provin

on."Both I a

ce, where villag

nd another deputy

ers had enough


to eat through the hard work to ?/h3>

of the county committee

supported him. One year after, only his commune reaped a ▓good harvest compared with the ordinary output

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